Frequently Asked Questions  


Question: “How long does it take to have my custom design engraved on my glasses?” 

Answer: It typically takes two weeks to have a custom design engraved. 

Question: "Do you offer a large quantity discount?"

Answer: Yes, we offer 10% off for orders of 12 glasses and 15% off for orders of 24 glasses!

Question: “How do you achieve the smooth rim on the glass?” 

Answer: We Fire Polish the rim by using a mixture of gasses and a torch to melt the rim of the glass.

Question: “When is payment due for my custom design glasses?” 

Answer: Payment is due  when you place your order. 

Question: “Do you offer this in other colors and sizes?” 

Answer: Yes, we offer most of our products in 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes in the colors clear, amber and green. 

Question: “Where do you get your bottles from?” 

Answer: We source our bottles from local wineries and community donations. 

Question: “Where and how can I make a bottle donation?” 

Answer: We accept bottle donations to our storefront during or after business hours. If Someone is at the shop come in and say hi! We are happy to help unload your vehicle. If donating after business hours please leave bottles in front of the roll up bay door or on our bench! 

Question: “Can you create something out of my own personal bottles?”  

Answer: Yes, we love to create custom glassware from your own personal bottles.  Please call us and we will discuss the process with you. 


Question: “Are your glasses dishwasher safe?” 

Answer: Yes, our drinkware is dishwasher friendly. We recommend top shelf loading in your washer. 

Question: “How do you engrave the glasses?” 

Answer: We typically sandblast the glasses for standard art, for more intricate designs we use a laser engraver.